Data empowers decisions. Data drives knowledge.

At BCube, we understand the power of data and effectively harness it to enable our clients to excel. Our cloud-based tools interface with most ERP systems and provide a variety of customizable reports that drive decisions. Our expertise includes:

  1. Spend Analysis, Segmentation and Modelling

  2. Total Cost of Ownership 
  3. Predictive analysis (forecasting based on past data)

The world of Big Data can be quite intimidating and one can easily get lost in the Terabytes of information that envelopes us. Transforming your data into a coherent mass and using it efficiently is vital for companies to maintain their competitive edge. It is estimated that most businesses can cut 10-20% of their annual costs – just by using Analytics efficiently.


Benefits of Analytics

As companies work to elevate the value and sophistication of their products and services, they must generate deeper insight and intelligence to uncover hidden risks and rewards.

Supply chain analytics can deliver the needed intelligence and insight.

But to do so, the analytics needs to go beyond the silos (such as focusing only on forensic spending analysis in procurement) to layer multidimensional data modeling, visualization, optimization, and other technologies on top of a harmonized view of this data. According to Hackett Group data, procurement staffs at world-class companies spend less than 30 percent of their time compiling data, compared to 60 percent for the bottom quartile.

In other words, while companies are still wrangling data, world-class procurement organizations are spending more time analyzing it and making informed recommendations.



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* With inputs from SCMR August 2012 issue and Hackett Data