At BCube, we understand the power of information.

Having access to accurate information at all times provides organizations with a strategic advantage over its competitors. Through our suite of reports and insights, we are able to empower our clients with the knowledge that helps drive informed decisions.

Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence reports are designed to help you make critical decisions that have strategic impact, with confidence. Whether you are trying to understand global/regional/local market issues, or supply-side forces, or thoroughly investigate a commodity, our insight will prove valuable.

Market Overview
Description and Scope, External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints, Annual Volume Forecasts, Category Segmentation, Market Share and Competitive Analysis, Industry Trends and their Impact, 360º Perspective
Economic Analysis
Macro Environment, Market Differentiators, End-User Analysis, Customer Price Sensitivity, Top Competitors and their Profiles, Market Concentration, Recent Activity and Key Acquisitions and Mergers  
Supply Market Analysis
SWOT Analysis of Key Suppliers, Cost Driver and Commodity Trends, Supply Market Risks, Supplier Master List, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Overview, Supplier Portfolio Analysis, Commodity Profiles and Strategy

Competitive Benchmarking

Competitive Benchmarking is a vital practice that drives us forward in the quest to become world-class companies. It forces organizations out of their comfort zones and makes them aspire towards new paradigms. It helps create a competitive environment within the organization and greatly helps in improving performance efficiency and opportunity identification.

The Process

Please click on the 4 headings below to understand each step of the Benchmarking process.

Objective Definition

Objectives and Constraints, Data Gathering, Input and Analysis, Data Sources and Assumptions

Metrics & Benchmarking

Metrics: Assumption and Definition, Market Overview: Competitors, Industry/Best-In-Class Practices Benchmarking: Cost Structure, Value Chain, Supply Base

Best Practices

Basic Spend Analysis Supplier Portfolio Analysis Supply Base Rationalization Commodity-wise Comparison


Savings Potential across Commodities Project List and Scope Project Prioritization Phase Based Implementation Timeline



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