BCube provides a focused set of Solutions targeted at minimizing Risk and putting in your greater control of your extended Supply Chain.

Supplier Risk Management

Modern Supply Chains have evolved into a highly fragmented model where the parent organization is removed from bulk of the activity, and has little or no visibility or control. All it takes is one supplier at any Tier to disrupt the entire Supply Chain.

Supplier Profile

An important aspect of evaluating suppliers is to understand and then mitigate risk. You can uncover risk factors in financial health, operational performance environment, business processes and practices, and enabling behaviors or cultural factors.

Risk cannot be determined solely by using past performance to predict the future.

Our Supplier Risk Management Solutions enhance the visibility of your Supply Chain and provide sharper insight on every supplier that is part of it. You can quickly dig up Supply Profiles and have a clear understanding of the Risk they pose to your Supply Chain. They help you easily identify potential disruptions to your Supply Chain well ahead of time and stay ahead of the curve.



Supplier Performance Management

…. is all about understanding, communicating and then improving supplier performance.

Supplier performance measurement can lead to supplier development, and supplier performance improvement has the potential to impact the customer financially and competitively.

Our holistic solution includes a cloud-based Supplier Performance Management tool. Tracking a Supplier’s Performance with multiple data points all year round is a challenging task. Right from the process of obtaining data from disparate sources, consolidating them into a coherent mass, ensuring the integrity and validity of the data before deriving insight from it, each step is fraught with complications.  Our tool is able to deliver a comprehensive perspective, drilling down into several key areas: Quality, Change Management, Operations and Planning and Innovation. To learn more about our tool, contact us.

SPM Dashboard

SPM Dashboard



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