Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing as we know it is a systematic, fact-based approach targeted at optimizing an organizations’s Supply Base. It has since evolved into a continuous process focused on lowering the Total Cost of Ownership while addressing customer needs, market conditions and organizational goals. The scope and reach of Strategic Sourcing activities continues to grow across the length and breadth of every company’s Supply Chain.

Our Process

Our processes have been developed based on previous on-the-field experiences and not classroom generated knowledge. We guarantee that out solution will work. Our confidence stems from the fact that our sourcing process listed below was developed after several iterations and successful implementations.

Sourcing Process

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Preliminary Research

Create Commodity/resource profile including volumes, pricing and forecasts. Perform Make/buy analysis, Value analysis and select sourcing strategy.

Supply Market Analysis

Identify criteria for supplier selection and generate long list of suppliers. Send out RFI, refine list further.

Sourcing Event

Identify internal stakeholders, approval from senior management, finalize specs and create sourcing event (RFP/Auction). Formalize negotiation strategy.


Complex/time consuming. Care must be taken – stakeholder agreement essential. Prepare new processes, procedures, change management plan and transition plan. Set up new processes to monitor results.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor supplier performance on criteria. Market should be analyzed frequently and identify and implement supplier continuous improvement plans.



Commodity Profiling and Strategy

Formulating a Commodity Strategy has several by-products in a world-class procurement organization. It is one of the most important aspects of Strategic Sourcing.

Commodity StrategyMost people think of Commodity Strategy as a ‘point-in-time’ snapshot that transforms a traditional Purchasing Organization into a modern Supply Management oriented Organization. At BCube, we believe that a Commodity Strategy is a dynamic, living entity which adapts itself as the organization and the external world changes.

We help organizations align their Commodity Strategy to company goals and objectives.

Starting from the spend analysis stage right to implementation of the strategy, we provide unmatched expertise combined with a wide variety of usable tools that help you create a world-class Commodity Strategy.

Cradle to Grave Outsourcing

You give us your requirements. We scour the marketplace looking for that one supplier who will make a difference to your business. And help you manage the sourcing process, from cradle to grave.

Minimize Risk and Maximize Profitability.

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